Mission Statement and Values


Marian University Department of Athletics Mission Statement

The mission statement of the Marian University Department of Athletics is to expand opportunities for student development beyond the academic program, while embodying Franciscan values and NAIA character core values. Athletic participation at Marian University promotes self-discipline, self-confidence, leadership, sportsmanship, fellowship, teamwork, and competition: qualities that transfer to lifelong success.

Marian University Franciscan Sponsorship Values

Dignity of the individual
When St. Francis and Clare called men and women to be "brothers" and "sisters," they modeled this challenge in their relationships, which were always marked by an unconditional respect for the other. An example of Francis' great respect for the individual is his encounter with the leper whom he embraced despite a great aversion.

Responsible Stewardship
Clare and St. Francis fostered a simple life style, emphasizing the empowerment of people and the thoughtful stewardship of all material resources. Both were committed to protecting the integrity of each person and the world's environment. Because they viewed all of creation as a gift, Francis and Clare enjoyed earthly things as few other people have enjoyed them. They share a sense of great gratitude for God's gifts, which was demonstrated in their unconditional dependence upon God's providence, a trust for them a source of great joy.

Peace and Justice
Both St. Francis and Clare were sensitive to human hurt and disruption and actively promoted healing and reconciliation. Their concerns ranged from interpersonal harmony in their respective communities to a just order and balance in society. Through their lives and their words to others, they proclaimed Gospel values and stood opposed to violence.

Francis and Clare recognized that the fullest experession of God's love is forgiveness and therefore it is essential that reconciliation be integral to all our lives. Of all the values, reconciliation is most distinctively Christian. Francis and Clare understood that forgiveness/reconciliation does not forget or ignore pain, but allows for new possibilities, change, growth, and life.