Academic Support Services

Role of the Academic Advisor

  • Assisting students in developing decision-making skills.
  • Assisting students in developing an educational plan consistent with life goals and objectives (alternative courses of action, alternate career considerations, and selection of courses).
  • Assisting students in their consideration of life goals by relating interests, skills, abilities, and values to careers, the world of work, and the nature of purpose of higher education.
  • Providing accurate information about institutional policies, procedures, resources, and programs.
  • Making referrals to other institutional or community support services.
  • Assisting students in evaluation or re-evaluation of progress toward established goals and educational plans.
  • Providing information about students to the institution, colleges, and/or academic departments.
  • Assisting students in self-understanding and self-acceptance (values clarification, understanding abilities, interests, and limitations).
  • Study tables - Coaches will make the determination after reviewing grades who will be assigned to study tables offered by the Department of Athletics.

The primary responsibility for a student-athlete is maintaining eligibility and progressing toward graduation. The academic advisor, coach, faculty athletic representative, and academic coordinator are there to guide the student-athlete in the process of moving toward graduation.

Role of the Academic Coordinator in the Department of Athletics

Todd Bacon • 317.955.6119 • [email protected]

The Academic Coordinator will serve as the liaison between the department of athletics and the faculty. He will serve as a resource for coaches and student-athletes in the areas of academic support services, scheduling conflicts, and monitoring the performance of student-athletes in the classroom. Regular grade checks will be done by the academic coordinator in consultation with the head coach. Special attention will be given to those student-athletes who are on academic probation to help them reach their academic potential.

Learning and Counseling Services

Director of Academic Support Services: Mrs. Marj Batic • 317.955.6150
College Reading and Learning Strategies Instructor: Lynn Giles, MA
Administrative Assistant: Mary Anne Matelic
Tutor Coordinator: Jen Neale

Learning and Counseling Center located on the East end of Clare Hall

General services include:

  • Peer Tutor Program
  • Students with disabilities - academic accommodations
  • Resource materials/equipment
  • General academic support - test-taking skills, study skills, time management, organizational skills, managing test anxiety

Marian University Peer Tutor Program

  • We have tutors (these are students just like you) available for most courses.
  • Sign up for a tutor by filling out a blue "Tutor Request" form at the Learning and Counseling Center.
  • We will then provide you with a list of tutors who tutor in that course.
  • You call that tutor on the list and find one whose schedule works with yours.
  • You set up a time and place to meet are off and running.
  • Try not to wait until you have failed a test or two to get a tutor!
  • If you feel you need help, GET HELP - ASAP!
  • "Proactive tutoring" is recommended for courses in which you feel you may need extra academic or moral support. In other words, you can sign up for a tutor even if you are not having difficulty, but feel the added instruction would help.
  • If you do well in a course (or courses), you may be recommended to become one of our Peer Tutors in the Peer Tutoring Program for future semesters!

    Contact Jen Neale, Tutor Coordinator

Counseling Services

Director of Counseling Services: Leanne Malloy, Ph.D., HSPP
Keirsten Roath, MSW, LCSW

  • Sometimes students experience personal problems while attending college. Issues such as adjustment to college, interpersonal problems, feelings of depression or anxiety, issues relating to sexuality, eating disorders, stress management, test anxiety and others can be addressed via Counseling Services.
  • Personal counseling is free to all students.
  • Group workshops on various topics may also be presented by the Counseling Services department. Be on the lookout or flyers, voice mails and e-mails announcing such workshops.
  • To make an appointment, call Mary Anne Matelic, Administrative Assistant, at 317.955.6150 and ask to schedule an appointment with a counselor. Or you may stop by the Learning and Counseling Center to set up an appointment.
  • Some students may feel hesitant to seek counseling services for many reasons. Some do not want their friends or instructors to know they are having difficulty; some think they should be able to handle the situation on their own or that it will "go away" eventually; some may be uncomfortable telling their situation to a new person; etc., etc. However, please note that the strictest confidentiality practices are utilized at the Learning and Counseling Center.

It is recommended that you get help as soon as possible so that you can get things resolved and go on to have a successful semester.