Athletic Scholarships


Financial Aid Policies

New students must apply and be accepted for admission to the university.  Students interested in applying for financial aid at Marian University must complete File your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at and list Marian University, Title IV School Code 001821. 

The FAFSA will determine eligibility for all federal and state financial aid. The FAFSA must be filed before March 10 to ensure consideration for the Indiana State Grant programs. Students applying for Marian University aid only are not required to file the FAFSA. However, they are still strongly encouraged to file, if only to determine student loan eligibility. We will notify you if the federal government, through the verification process, requires you to send federal tax forms and/or other documents to our office.

Athletic Awards: Exceptions and Consequences

Student-athletes who are receiving athletic-related financial aid are expected to fulfill all of the conditions stated on the athletic participation agreement and tender form which they have signed. If a student-athlete fails to abide by those stipulations, she/he may have their financial aid package adjusted accordingly. Those stipulations are as follows:
  1. The student-athlete will maintain the minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA), as established in the Marian University catalog, under the Academic Progress, Probation, and Dismissal section.
  2. The student-athlete will abide by the athletic policies as they are established by the individual coach and the department of athletics, as detailed on the Athletic Behavioral Policies page.
  3. Special attention shall be given to the NAIA Champions of Character initiative - with emphasis upon respect, integrity, responsibility, servant leadership, and sportsmanship. The student-athlete's moral conduct will be such that he or she shall not be placed under disciplinary probation, as established by the Office of Student Life.
Failure to abide by the stipulations listed above may result in the revocation of athletic scholarship monies and dismissal from an athletic team.


Marian University Athletic Team Dismissal and Financial Aid Recalculation Policy

(effective October 1, 2013)


Notification of Athletic Award Removal
Team Dismissal Reconsideration Request
Financial Aid Appeal Form

Notice Requirement
If a Marian University student-athlete leaves or is removed from an athletic team at any time during an academic year or at the end of a semester or academic year, the coach of that team must notify the student, the Director of Athletics, the Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students/Title IX coordinator, and the Director of Financial Aid in writing immediately, and in no circumstances later than three (3) days after the student has left the team.  The form attached as Exhibit A (Notification of Athletic Award Removal) shall be used to provide such notice.

Recalculating Financial Aid
Upon receiving such notice, the Director of Financial Aid shall recalculate the financial aid for the student and will submit the proposed new financial aid package to the Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students/Title IX Coordinator for his/her review and approval. 

The approved revised financial aid package shall be provided to the student in writing by the Director of Financial Aid, and shall be effective for the semester or term immediately following the student-athlete's separation from his/her team. 

Appeal of Dismissal or Removal from Athletics Team
A student may request reconsideration of the decision to dismiss or remove him/her from an athletic team. The student has seven (7) days after receipt of the Notification of Athletic Award Removal Form to request reconsideration of dismissal or removal from an athletic team.  The Team Dismissal Reconsideration Request (Exhibit C) shall be used to initiate a request for reconsideration.

Within fourteen (14) days of receiving a completed Team Dismissal Reconsideration Request, the Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students/Title IX Coordinator shall convene an appeals panel to review the request. The panel shall consist of the Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students/Title IX Coordinator, who shall serve as the Chair, the Faculty Athletics Representative, and one representative each from the Office of Financial Aid and the Office of Admissions. The Chair shall use his/her best efforts to establish a panel that is diverse, and includes at least one female, one male and one person of color.   The appeals panel shall review the facts and circumstances of the student's dismissal or removal from the team, to determine whether the action taken was non-discriminatory pursuant to Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, U.S.C.§1681. The appeals panel shall prepare a written report and recommendation to the Executive Vice President and Provost, who shall render a final decision in writing within seven (7) days of receiving the appeals panel's report.

Appeal of Recalculation of Financial Aid 
The Marian University financial aid appeal process shall apply if a student's financial aid is recalculated as a result of his/her removal from his/her athletic team. The Financial Aid Appeal Form (Exhibit B) shall be used to initiate any such appeal.