Marian University - Indianapolis Athletics Staff
Staff Listing
Steve Downing ImageSteve DowningDirector of Athletics[email protected]317.955.6351
Cassie Mackell ImageCassie MackellAssistant Director of Athletics[email protected]317.955.6186
Wil Hampton ImageWil HamptonAssistant Director of Athletics [email protected]317.955.6225
Zach Wadley ImageZach WadleySports Information Director[email protected]317.955.6125
Jeff Kaufman ImageJeff KaufmanFaculty Athletic Representative[email protected]317.955.6348
Athletic Trainers
John Locke ImageJohn LockeHead Athletic Trainer[email protected]317.955.6173
Jennifer Burton ImageJennifer BurtonAthletic Trainer[email protected]317.955.6122
Joe GutzwillerAthletic Trainer
Travis DillonAthletic Trainer
Sports Information
Zach Wadley ImageZach WadleySports Information Director[email protected]317.955.6125
Mitch Huppert ImageMitch HuppertAsst. Sports Information Director[email protected]317.955.6739
Strength and Conditioning
Vernon Smith ImageVernon SmithHead Coach[email protected]317.997.7100
Kristine Grohnke ImageKristine GrohnkeAssistant Coach[email protected]317.955.6177
Todd Bacon ImageTodd BaconHead Coach[email protected]317.955.6119
Mark ElderAssistant Coach
Matt VoorheesAssistant Coach
Men's Basketball
Scott Heady ImageScott HeadyMen's Basketball Head Coach[email protected]
Women's Basketball
Katie Gearlds ImageKatie GearldsHead Coach[email protected]317.955.6587
Vicky Volonaki ImageVicky VolonakiAssistant Coach[email protected]317.955.6587
Mark Parker ImageMark ParkerAssistant Coach
Men's & Women's Bowling
Gary Hiday ImageGary HidayCo-Interim Head Coach[email protected]317.955.6123
Doug GibsonAssistant Coach
Jordan GrayAssistant Coach
Robert BrevardAssistant Coach
Kiley Kallenberger ImageKiley KallenbergerHead Coach[email protected]317.955.6302
Men's and Women's Cross Country
Michael Holman ImageMichael HolmanHead Coach[email protected]317.955.6585
Molly Cummings ImageMolly CummingsAssistant Coach[email protected]317.955.6372
Dean Peterson ImageDean PetersonHead Coach[email protected]317.955.6340
Natarsha Birk ImageNatarsha BirkAssistant Coach
Ryan Birk ImageRyan BirkBMX Recruiter[email protected]
Curtis Tolson ImageCurtis TolsonAssistant Coach
Daniel GerowAssistant Coach
Coryn RiveraRecruiting Assistant
Jason BlodgettAssistant Coach
Michael Kubancsek ImageMichael KubancsekDirector of Operations[email protected]
Marian Knight Dancers
Tamara Ammons-Jones ImageTamara Ammons-JonesHead Coach[email protected]317.955.6787
Mark Henninger ImageMark HenningerHead Coach - Football[email protected]317.955.6772
Andy Mitchel ImageAndy MitchelOffensive Coordinator[email protected]317.955.6447
Brock Caraboa ImageBrock CaraboaDefensive Coordinator[email protected]317.955.6757
B.J. Coad ImageB.J. CoadAssistant Coach - Offensive Line[email protected]317.955.6375
Martin Waddick ImageMartin WaddickAssistant Coach - Kickers
Heath Parling ImageHeath ParlingOffensive Intern - Quarterbacks[email protected]317.955.6511
Derelle Hankins ImageDerelle HankinsDefensive Intern - Defensive Line
Michael Ridings ImageMichael RidingsAssistant Coach - Safties
Joey Hecklinski ImageJoey HecklinskiAssistant Coach
Tyler Stinn ImageTyler StinnAssistant Coach
Steve Tutsie ImageSteve TutsieAssistant Coach
Trent Ormsby ImageTrent OrmsbyStudent Assistant
Jacob Oglesby ImageJacob OglesbyStudent Assistant
Connor Cope ImageConnor CopeStudent Assistant
Men's Golf
Stephen Ford ImageStephen FordHead Coach[email protected]317.955.6598
Women's Golf
Brett Cope ImageBrett CopeHead Coach[email protected]317.955.6116
Daniel StanjevichAssistant Coach
Women's Lacrosse
Lauren DavisHead Coach[email protected]317.955.6567
Men's Soccer
Ernie YarboroughHead Coach[email protected]317.955.6568
Women's Soccer
Gary Yohe ImageGary YoheHead Coach[email protected]317.955.6705
Andy Swift ImageAndy SwiftAssistant Coach
Scott Fleming ImageScott FlemingHead Coach[email protected]317.955.6106
Mike HendersonAssistant Coach
Men's Tennis
Steve Mackell ImageSteve MackellHead Coach[email protected]317.955.6123
Cassie Mackell ImageCassie MackellAssistant Coach[email protected]317.955.6123
John KeeleAssistant Coach - Volunteer
Women's Tennis
Cassie Mackell ImageCassie MackellHead Coach[email protected]317.955.6186
Steve Mackell ImageSteve MackellAssistant Coach[email protected]317.955.6123
Men's and Women's Track & Field
Michael Holman ImageMichael HolmanHead Coach[email protected]317.955.6585
Molly Cummings ImageMolly CummingsAssistant Coach[email protected]317.955.6172
Sol Stephens ImageSol StephensAssistant Coach - Sprints
Monique Ware ImageMonique WareAssistant Coach - Jumps
Kind ButlerAssistant Coach - Sprints
Derek CullisonAssistant Coach
Ashlee Pritchard ImageAshlee PritchardHead Coach[email protected]317.955.6165
Justin Kean ImageJustin KeanAssistant Coach
Steven Bradley ImageSteven BradleyHead Coach[email protected]317.955.6462
Art CanalesAssistant Coach[email protected]317.955.6785